Nick Lance | Perth Wedding PhotographerThank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me and my work. I’m not a big self-promoter, although I am quite proud of the images that I capture. I truly believe in my work as a Perth Wedding Photographer. However, this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, I used to think of Wedding Photography as a bit of a joke. Let me explain;

I have been taking photos from as early as I can remember, in High School my home room was the Media room where all the photography and media work was on display. I took Media as an elective because I was fascinated with the idea of taking a photograph that reflects a moment in time.  I received my first SLR film camera for my 16th birthday and after some education and training, I found that I could not only photograph a moment in time, but I could also capture the emotion of that moment using light, texture, dimension, composition and anticipation.

I continued my studies at Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television, as a Director of Photography and began my working career as a freelance cameraman and editor. I subcontracted myself out to various businesses, government departments and independent film companies, including Boyz II Men, Channel 10’s Rally Australia and the Injury Control Council of Western Australia. My work has been nominated for awards, including Best Director at the Screenwest Film Festival and has screened across the globe at film festivals from New York to Norway.

Nick Lance & Billie LanceOver the years I have shifted back and forth between video and still photography. I finally settled on a career as a Wedding Photographer when I met my wife, Billie and we started a family together. Working on film and video productions required long hours and sometimes weeks away from home and I wanted to be there for my family as my four children grew up. So in May 2010, Billie and I launched Digitally Enhanced Photography and began our journey as Perth Wedding Photographers.

To be honest I never dreamed I would ever become a Wedding Photographer because I had a terrible, preconceived notion of what Wedding Photography is. My visual impression was based upon the thousands of images I had seen while researching my own wedding, being of a bridal party standing in a line facing the camera, looking staged and lifeless. To me a Wedding is one of the most amazing days in a couple’s life, so I believe the images should be passionate and full of emotion. I make it my aim to create wedding photos that represent just how amazing a wedding day is through powerful images of the intimate moments that people share. So yes, I have truly come full circle with regards to both my attitude and respect for Wedding Photography.

The digital revolution in the last few years has allowed for the market to be flooded with new photographers. Couples are now faced with finding the best Wedding Photographer amongst an ever increasing field. I am a strong believer that it’s not the camera that takes a good photo – it’s the skill of the person holding that camera. Over the years I have worked hard to create my own unique style, photographing the passion, elegance and beauty of a wedding day. I allow couples to be themselves and assist in guiding them through each important moment, aiming to tell the full story of a wedding day, from the highlights to the hidden gems. I believe my formal training and background in documentary style film-making as well as full studio lighting for broadcast television gives me a unique perspective on how to photograph the most important day in the life of a couple in love. Billie’s background in business management has meant that we place as much importance on a high level of customer service as we do in the images that we capture.

Please take some time to view my work at Perth Wedding Photographers and make sure to visit the recent weddings tab. It’s a great way to see the consistency of my work and the emotion that I capture. I hope to hear from you soon.


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